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Education Idea of the week

This week, we present you the award winner „German-wide Reading Aloud Day“ from our competition „Ideas for the Education Republic“: This Day aims to sharpen children’s reading abilities.

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CITY TREND REPORT: Germany’s Urban Future

The CITY TREND REPORT elucidates the key insights of a trend study conducted by the Fraunhofer IAO for Deutsche Bank. The study brings together quantitative evaluations and qualitative interpretations of the contributions submitted within the framework of the “Landmarks in the Land of Ideas” competition 2013/14, devoted to the annual theme “Ideas for the City”.

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Landmark of the Week

This week, we present you the award winner „Urban production of the future“ from our competition „Landmarks in the Land of Ideas“: A company builds a factory in a housing complex, creating added value for employees and the environment.

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Bicycle Basket with two "Germany - Land of Ideas"-bags in it.

Germany – Land of Ideas

Focussing attention on the country, its people and their ideas. Because Germany is the land of ideas. more to: Germany – Land of Ideas

Front of the Reichstag building in Berlin.

Projects in Germany

Enhancing the international visibility of Germany as a hotbed of ideas and innovation. more to: Projects in Germany

A globe with centered view on Europe

Projects around the World

Promoting creative exchange between Germany and other countries and fostering the image of “Made in Germany”. more to: Projects around the World