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Landmark of the Week

This week, we present you the award winner “GemüseAckerdemie” from our competition “Landmarks in the Land of Ideas”: An extracurricular educational program imparts integrated knowledge about farming and healthy nutrition.

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Interview: “Communicating digitally is easier”

We talked with Mark Hoffmann, Co-Founder & CEO at Vertical Media GmbH, about the “German path” in the start-up scene and new ideas emerging from theLandmarks in the Land of Ideas” competition.  

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The major German brands

In 2014 the German Design Council published this book showing the innovative and visionary corporate brands of German design that are successful on the global market.e

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Bicycle Basket with two "Germany - Land of Ideas"-bags in it.

Germany – Land of Ideas

Focussing attention on the country, its people and their ideas. Because Germany is the land of ideas. more to: Germany – Land of Ideas

Front of the Reichstag building in Berlin.

Projects in Germany

Enhancing the international visibility of Germany as a hotbed of ideas and innovation. more to: Projects in Germany

A globe with centered view on Europe

Projects around the World

Promoting creative exchange between Germany and other countries and fostering the image of “Made in Germany”. more to: Projects around the World