Award recipients of the competition “Ideas for the Education Republic”

Tabula – the educational table

Two girls in an high rope course.

Top-notch volunteers bring teachers, pupils, and students together for better educational opportunities. more to: Tabula – the educational table

School for all

A student and a girl doing schoolwork.

Student mentors promote the development of children with a migration background at school. more to: School for all

Big Sisters

Three girls smiling

“Big Sisters” help pupils with a migration background improve their educational opportunities. more to: Big Sisters

Education for refugees

Two girls making soap bubbles

Young refugees are given access to the German education system. more to: Education for refugees – Paderborn Recycling PC

Hands of boy repairing a computer.

Students from Paderborn teach important media skills to children and youth. more to: – Paderborn Recycling PC

Out of School

A boy and a girl working with wood and a power drill.

“Out of School” supplements learning in the classroom and gives pupils extraordinary impetus to learn. more to: Out of School

Flotte Lotte children’s cooking club

sandwiches in the shapes of faces

Children and parents learn how to prepare delicious healthy meals themselves. more to: Flotte Lotte children’s cooking club


Preschool teacher showing flags to children

TriLingo e.V. promotes language learning in the German-Polish-Czech border area. more to: Trilingo

The Krokoseum

Children listening and taking notes

The Krokoseum children’s creativity centre offers children a wide range of educational options. more to: The Krokoseum


boy playing the trumpet

Children six weeks old and up receive musical training promoting their overall development. more to: Klangstrolche

FerienUni Oberhavel

Asian women draws with children

The FerienUni, or “Vacation University”, offers pupils in Brandenburg a wide-ranging program of educational events during the school holidays. more to: FerienUni Oberhavel

Backpack is Sırt çantası in Turkish

Turkish boys smiling into the camera

The project promotes multilingualism in small children and introduces their parents to the German educational system. more to: Backpack is Sırt çantası in Turkish

Lichtenberg Children’s Opera House

Children in costumes are singing

Together with professionals from the Staatsoper Unter den Linden, Berlin schoolchildren create exciting music theatre. more to: Lichtenberg Children’s Opera House

German-wide Reading Aloud Day

Kids, sitting down and listening, some are raising their hand to say something

National Reading Aloud Day aims to sharpen children’s reading abilities. more to: German-wide Reading Aloud Day

Kids Med Academy

In the middle of the picture is a big teddy-bear, the organ-teddy bear; a doctor demonstrates the various organs to kids.

Children are acquainted with the basics of medicine and first aid in a playful way. more to: Kids Med Academy

Inventors clubs for lateral thinkers

Close-up of a girl with pincers, repairing something

In so-called inventors clubs, schoolchildren in all grades are acquainted with science and technology. more to: Inventors clubs for lateral thinkers

The common thread

An older lady helps a girl with her homework

A dense network of committed citizens supports children from the day they are born until they embark on a career. more to: The common thread

The MoccaFée

Children are baking waffles in a school kitchen

At the MoccaFée café, schoolchildren acquire knowledge that enables them to take a gastronomically oriented exam. more to: The MoccaFée

Pro Berufsorientierung

Two boys repairing something

This project offers children at secondary modern schools career guidance. more to: Pro Berufsorientierung

Red card against racism

Kids in front of a banner are holding up red cards

Seminars with professional athletes teach pupils values such as respect and cultural openness. more to: Red card against racism

Children – Experience – Cultures

A man is playing drums, a group of preschool children dance and make music with different instruments

In intercultural workshops, children get to know different countries and cultures with all their senses. more to: Children – Experience – Cultures

HELLEUM children’s research centre

A boy is doing experiments; in the foreground we see the two mascotts of the children reserach centers, 2 dolls.

In the HELLEUM children’s research centre, children gain practical insight into the natural sciences. more to: HELLEUM children’s research centre

Young Excellence academy

Young people from multiethnical backgrounds are visiting an exhibition

Learn languages, create prototypes or become a teacher – young people can do all of this at the Excellence Academy. more to: Young Excellence academy


a group of staff members from the Asylothek are standing around a table, filled with German text books

The Asylothek promotes the language skills, education, and integration of refugee children and their families. more to: Asylothek


a group of young people with multiethnical backgrounds, smiling into the camera.

The InteGREATer association provides role models for young people with a migration background. more to: InteGREATer

Houses of Learning in Essen

Two kids sitting in front of a black board. A Candle burns in the foreground.

LernHÄUSER (Houses of Learning) catch children who have fallen through the educational net and help them in all areas of life. more to: Houses of Learning in Essen

Culture Academy

Several pupils in a big studio are painting pictures of trees on canvases.

Talented young people are promoted to boost their confidence. more to: Culture Academy

Educational opportunities for young mothers

A young woman is learning how to use a film camera

The project enables women with children to learn a profession through part-time vocational training. more to: Educational opportunities for young mothers

Language and game afternoons

Kids are sitting around a big, hand-drawn map and place little cards with animals on the different continents.

With professional supervision, children’s language and social skills are promoted. more to: Language and game afternoons

Canto elementar

A female mentor and her preschool kid singing and clapping

A mentoring programme promotes singing culture in kindergartens. more to: Canto elementar

Intercultural parent deployment

A white woman explains something to a black woman with a headscarf.

IG-Feuerwache strengthens the role of parents with a migration background as guidance counsellors. more to: Intercultural parent deployment

RiO children’s hospital radio

A boy and a girl sitting in an radio studio using headphones and mikrophones.

Young radio broadcasters produce radio programmes for young patients, imparting knowledge about everyday life at a children’s hospital. more to: RiO children’s hospital radio

Affording opportunities

Many students sitting on together for a phtoshooting.

Thanks to a five-year individual assistance program, secondary school students overcome obstacles on the way to a school degree. more to: Affording opportunities

NaWi mentors

Four girls standing around a plastic bathtub containing blue water.

Kiel students arouse an interest in elementary school pupils for scientific topics and experiments. more to: NaWi mentors

Girls project for the future

A girls standing at a working bench cutting a wooden plate.

In the Craftswomen House, girls learn a male-dominated profession more to: Girls project for the future

Kleeberg’s herb garden

A men and some children standing in a herb garden.

Together with Berlin pupils, Michelin-starred chef Kolja Kleeberg grows and processes healthy and tasty herbs. more to: Kleeberg’s herb garden

Dogs listen

A young boy reads out a book to a dog.

The LeseHund project helps children overcome reading problems by reading out loud to dogs. more to: Dogs listen

Education ambassadors

A young woman is reads out something in front of a school class.

Trainees relate first-hand experiences of their dream professions to schools. more to: Education ambassadors

Young and committed

Youth doing a survey on the street; one girl asks a man questions, the other girl is taking a picture.

The goal of the “Jung und engagiert” (Young and Committed) organisation is to create a broad network of active youth in Gelsenkirchen. more to: Young and committed

Talent in Neukölln

in a swimming-pool: a boy jumps into the water, whils his mentor is already in the water, waving to him.

The Bürgerstiftung Neukölln promotes the strengths of elementary school pupils through volunteer mentorships. more to: Talent in Neukölln

Intercultural parent mentors

group picture: Intercultural parents are standing together in a group on some stairs, showing their certificate.

Parent mentors provide information about intercultural educational methods. more to: Intercultural parent mentors

Men in motion

3 teenage boys with multi-ethnical backgrounds, in front of a black board, smiling into the camera.

Young Turkish-born mentors support youth with a migration background. more to: Men in motion

Moslem parents take the initiative

fathers and kids from multiethnical backgrounds are sitting and standing around a table and doing arts and crafts together

Moslem parents guide mothers and fathers with a migration background through the German educational system. more to: Moslem parents take the initiative

Elbstation Akademie

teenagers on stage, dancing and singing; as part of their costumes they use trashbags which are tied around their waist.

Young people from many different nations perform in plays, make radio programmes, and shoot films. more to: Elbstation Akademie

Educational fuel station

young boy reading a book

The extracurricular program offers Berlin children sensible free-time activities. more to: Educational fuel station

Young trainee ambassadors

young people sitting around a table and doing team work while a couple of trainees explain something to them.

In courses they plan and teach themselves, trainees prepare pupils for their education. more to: Young trainee ambassadors