Projects in Germany

In conjunction with various partners in Germany, the “Germany – Land of Ideas” initiative has launched several projects which – each in own way – pursue a common goal: to enhance international visibility of Germany as a hotbed of ideas and innovation, of quality and creativity, that is helping to shape the future in a positive way. From idea competitions, and youth initiatives, to publications portraying influential personalities - have a look at the variety of projects we are organising to see why Germany is truly a Land of Ideas.

DLD Campus: Cyborg meets Wagner

Studenten sitzen im Hörsaal

It has long been part and parcel of big cities and metropolitan areas: digitisation. But digital networks also play an important role outside of urban regions. This is where DLD Campus, which took place for the first time on 21 June in Bayreuth, comes into play. “Germany – Land of ideas” was on hand as a partner of the new conference series.   more to: DLD Campus: Cyborg meets Wagner