Welcome to the Land of Ideas!

Germany is the land of ideas. The “Germany – Land of Ideas” initiative works with different partners to carry out projects and hold competitions to focus attention on the country, its people and their ideas.

Germany has specific economic, geographic and cultural location factors which shape its image. Like any location, however, it is primarily defined by its people. They, their ideas and their activities form the basis of and provide cohesion for society. This is where the “Germany – Land of Ideas” initiative comes in with a platform. The initiative seeks to use its projects and competitions to encourage people to make their ideas and innovations public and visible, thereby creating a social climate characterised by imaginative flair and a wealth of ideas. Each person is needed and can contribute towards the success. Individuality in diversity is a definitive element of the Land of Ideas. Positioning Germany in this sense requires numerous players and partners from many different areas of society – politics, economy, culture, and science. The initiative works with them to award prizes to ideas in competitions, make them visible in projects, and continue implementing key issues.

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