Category Society - “Ideas for the City”

Leutkircher Bürgerbahnhof

A beautifully modernised old station building.

Committed citizens rescue a historic railway building more to: Leutkircher Bürgerbahnhof

Promoting tolerance: Haus der Religionen

People of different religions smiling into the camera

A meeting point offers people of different faiths the opportunity to exchange thoughts and ideas more to: Promoting tolerance: Haus der Religionen

Newspaper of the Street

The mayor of Bremen and a member of "Newspaper of the Street" show the "Newspaper of the Street"

Students produce it and needy people sell it – a street newspaper brings people together and promotes solidarity more to: Newspaper of the Street

Company childcare

Four people in front of a "sira munich" poster

An organisation specializing in childcare helps companies create their own day-care centres more to: Company childcare

rudirockt – cooking and socializing

A girl with a drink sitting at a dinner table.

Via an Internet platform, city residents find new friends to cook with in the evening more to: rudirockt – cooking and socializing

SAMOCCA – integrative café

A group of people behind a bar.

In a café that roasts its own coffee, handicapped people serve guests more to: SAMOCCA – integrative café

roofTUBgarden – The edible roof garden

A wooden house with green plants in and besides

A roof garden ensures that socially disadvantaged people can eat a variety of healthy foods more to: roofTUBgarden – The edible roof garden

BuergerCloud – democracy from the cloud

To men in suits talking about a graphic chart

An electronic citizens' initiative enables residents to join in at any time thanks to modern technologies and a new ID more to: BuergerCloud – democracy from the cloud

"Art for democracy"

An old farm decorated with modern artworks.

Art actions pave the way for democratic participation more to: "Art for democracy"

Siegen – heading for new shores

Panorama picture of a city with small river

A cleared river offers a place for relaxation in the middle of the city of Siegen more to: Siegen – heading for new shores

Dresden flood map

A map of Dresden's flood area.

Using an electronic flood map helpers get flooding under control more to: Dresden flood map

KATWARN - the municipal warning and information system

A smartphone is being held up in the air whilst firemen organise a rescue in the background

A new system helps the fire department alert residents via SMS, e-mail, or app when there are accidents more to: KATWARN - the municipal warning and information system

BronxBerlinConnection – transatlantic youth exchange

3 teenagers singing and rapping on stage

Socially disadvantaged youth from Germany and the U.S. plan city exchanges together more to: BronxBerlinConnection – transatlantic youth exchange

People with dementia who live alone – training in municipalities

An elderly woman pays for her shopping at the cashier of a supermarket

A training programme shows citizens and service staff how to help people with dementia living alone more to: People with dementia who live alone – training in municipalities

Thinking-exercise-play trail: active inclusion

View of a playground setup with different exercises

Citizens have built a fitness trail themselves, creating a leisure offer for young and old in their district more to: Thinking-exercise-play trail: active inclusion

Rainbow family centre

A group of people holding a banner

An advisory centre supports gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, and transsexuals who want children more to: Rainbow family centre

Andernach – the edible city

vegetables planted infron of a stone wall inside a a public park

Fruit and vegetables planted in public parks and green areas invite citizens to harvest them more to: Andernach – the edible city

Innovative assistance for people with dementia

A wall mounted electronic regulator of houshold things in use

Modern technologies enable people with dementia to be safe and independent to a large extent more to: Innovative assistance for people with dementia

Mobia - staying mobile in old age

Two elderly women sitting in a bus using their smartphones

Mobility pilots make it easier for senior citizens and the disabled to ride buses, trams, and trains more to: Mobia - staying mobile in old age

An image of the online platform

An online platform enables citizens to participate in their city's traffic planning more to:

Grandhotel Cosmopolis

A man waits in the reception of the hotel

A former nursing home houses refugees and attracts citizens and tourists   more to: Grandhotel Cosmopolis

ZZZ – ZwischenZeitZentrale

People looking at an art exhibition in a large room

The ZwischenZeitZentrale transforms vacant buildings and unused land into temporary cultural spaces more to: ZZZ – ZwischenZeitZentrale